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8 Tips For Making The Bathroom Bright As New

- Sep 06, 2018 -

Tip 1, washing spirit mirror anti fog.

Cleaning objects: mirrors

The key to smart trick: washing spirit

The glossy mirror and windows will be blurred because of their close contact with water for a long time. Dip the dry cloth into the mirror and dip it evenly. The active ingredients contained in the detergent can effectively prevent the condensation of water vapor on the mirror surface and play a very good role in fog prevention.

Tip 2, cleverly clean the toilet with vinegar.

Cleaning objects: toilet

The key to smart trick: vinegar

After using the toilet for a period of time, there will be some dirt and dirt. Pour the mixture of vinegar and water into the toilet and immerse it for half a day. If it's hard to clean with a brush, tie the waste nylon socks to the end of the stick and dip them in a foam cleaner to clean the toilet once a month.

Tips 3, lemon slice bathtub 'whitening'

Cleaning object: bathtub

The key to smart trick: lemon slice

The bathtub has been used for a long time, and its interior walls are prone to yellow spots. Just slice the lemon and cover the Yellow trail, so that the Yellow trail will disappear.

Tip 4, drill holes to save shower doors.

Cleaning object: shower door

The key to smart trick: drill holes

Is there any swaying or slippage in the shower door? Regular checks should be made of the water in the base or track along the door. If the water is present, the drainage system in the track assembly will not work properly. The hole should be drilled into a way to get the water back to the shower. This will help reduce the growth of mold along the track and keep your door working properly.

Tip 5, toothpaste cleaning sprinkler

Cleaning objects: showers

The key to smart trick: toothpaste

Flower sprinkler cleaning, you can use a wet cotton cloth coated with toothpaste and soap gently wipe the surface, and then clean with clean water, remember to clean every time, must be the water stains dry, otherwise the surface of the pendant may appear water stains and dirt.

Tips 6, flour clean faucet

Cleaning object: faucet

The key to smart trick: Flour

First use dry cloth to dip flour, wipe the blackened faucet for several times and wipe 2~3 times with damp cloth. Finally, dry the tap with dry cloth. The blackened faucet can be renewed. If you fail 1 times, repeat it several times.

Tip 7, white vinegar lemon peel clean ceramic tile

Cleaning objects: Tiles

The key of magic trick: white vinegar and lemon peel.

There is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean the tiles, which is to use white vinegar and lemon peel. First clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, then dip it in a soft cloth with a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe it with lemon peel. In a short time, the sanitary ware will be as bright as new, and will emit fragrance.

Tips 8, bathroom deodorant

Clean object: air

Key: cool oil

The simplest way to clean the air in the bathroom is to put a box of uncovered cool oil in the bathroom and the odor will disappear naturally.

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