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Bathroom Enterprises Should Win The Hearts Of Post-90s Consumers

- Sep 11, 2018 -

When a salesman who has been in the bathroom for more than three years chatted with the author, he suddenly said, "Before entering this industry, I always felt that the bathroom is too good to do. First, the mass consumer goods, from the past few luxury bathroom products to the necessities of life of each family changes; second, product upgrading is relatively slow, a large number of crowds. Foreign companies with strong technological strength are slowly being driven out of the mainstream market by local enterprises. So, after job-hopping, choose to enter the bathroom this big brand of mature industry, hoping to do a big job.

Compared with the older generation of decoration consumers, the new generation of 90 generation consumer groups have higher requirements for the quality of life. There seems to be more "retreat" in their spending system, spending thousands of dollars on concerts and buying seemingly useless things to add to the little pleasures of life. They will not lower their quality of life in order to save money, they will enjoy it better than their parents. Relevant survey results show that the average decoration budget of the new generation of consumers is higher, consumers after 90 will be more willing to pay for better life experience and quality of life, relying solely on low-cost business model to attract consumers has been unable to gain a foothold in the post-90 mainstream consumer market. From this dimension, bathroom enterprises to win the hearts of consumers after 90, but also need to refine their internal skills, improve the decoration quality and service.

Dreams are always beautiful, but reality is cruel. "What I didn't realize was that after entering the bathroom industry and really going deep into the market and competing with peers, I found that it was really too difficult to do bathroom. There's no hope at all, poor performance, poor sales, low team morale for tens of thousands of employees, and the boss has to hold on every day. This is in the bathroom industry "immature" salesman frankly, the next bathroom market has no hope, is hard to support, suffering, can not find a reason to remain in the industry.

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