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Domestic Shower Rooms Usually Have Top And Bottom Spray.

- Sep 05, 2018 -

When choosing and purchasing faucets, attention should be paid to the quality of the faucet valve core, fabrication materials and surface treatment, but also to its adaptability to water quality and whether water saving. The leading quality valves are imported ceramic valves, which are better in Italy and Germany. In manufacturing materials, most high-grade faucets are made of brass. In addition, when purchasing faucets, manufacturers must be required to provide quality assurance of surface coating, the warranty period should not be less than three years. At present, domestic shower rooms generally have top spray and bottom spray, and the addition of automatic cleaning function, by sauna system, shower system, physiotherapy massage system composed of three parts. The sauna system emits steam through separate steam holes at the bottom of the shower room, and medicines can be put into the medicine box to enjoy bath care. Physiotherapy massage system is mainly through the shower room wall acupuncture massage hole water, water pressure on the human body massage. Generally, there are about 12 massage holes in a single shower room and 16 in double rooms. These are the most basic functions of shower rooms. Conventional shower room functions mainly include electronic exhaust, manual acupuncture massage bath, shower, telephone, oxygen, sterilization, foot massage, etc. And the multi-functional computer shower room in addition to the above functions, you can also steam sauna while listening to radio broadcasting or watching CD.

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