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Embedded Bathtub Is The Most Common Bathtub Type In Recent Years.

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Embedded bathtub is a relatively common type of bathtub in recent years, can be a good solution to the bathroom space, so that the space is released to the maximum extent, is the best choice for small bathroom installation bathtub.

Because the main body of the embedded bathtub is hidden inside, so the embedded bathtub installation must pay attention to the details. So, how should the embedded bathtub be installed? Below, Xiaobian for everyone to explain the explanation ~

How to install the embedded bathtub?

1. after completing the pipeline, make sure that the slotting area is watertight, and the 24 hour storage test ensures no leakage.

2. First of all, build a profile with brick and cement, paste your favorite tiles on the periphery of the skirt, and build a platform with ceramic tiles inside the profile.

3. use foam brick to bake the bathtub, and the height of the bathtub is generally less than 600mm. Pick up the water and keep it open. Then use foam brick to build walls and plastering. Pay attention to the maintenance hole in the corresponding position of the down pipe, 250x300mm or so;

4. Next, when the cement is dry, after stabilization, we connect the sewer pipe of the embedded bathtub, and clip the point to point into the pre-built contour.

5. What kind of material can be used on the table, you can use the same type of wall brick, mosaic, artificial stone, marble, stainless steel, etc. can be specific to your favorite style;

6. Glass glue is applied to the wall of the embedded bathtub, which can effectively prevent the bottom from damp and prolong the service life of the bathtub.

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