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Matters Needing Attention In Moving Shower Rooms

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Notes for moving geomantic omen

1. Never be angry with anyone on the day of moving, nor blame the children, nor hurt people with rude words. We must say lucky things everywhere and do auspicious things. Let your heart be filled with joy and happiness.

2. Elephants are not suitable for the relocation of Shen Hu. It is not suitable for a dog to move. The elephant is a rabbit. It is not advisable to choose unitary day for relocation. Elephants are not sheep. They should not choose ugly days to move.

3, sitting north to the south of the house, do not choose to move on the afternoon.

4. The suitable days for moving are: Tiande, Yue De, Tiande He, Yue De He, Tian Amnesty, Tian Wish, Yue Si, Four Phases, Shide, People's Day, Post Horse, Tianma and other auspicious gods on duty. It is also advisable to spend days and days. Avoid the date of departure, including monthly break, weekdays, closing days and closing days. And robbery, monthly killing, calamity, monthly punishment, lunar weariness, big time, Tianli, four wastes, five tombs, taboos, death and other murderous gods on duty.

5, the Chinese call it a house, and the Americans call it a celebration. Within a week after moving, be sure to invite your neighbors, relatives and friends to your new home for a lively time, as the saying goes: Far relatives are not as good as neighbors, and new neighbors know each other, to increase understanding. Let friends and relatives know their new address so that they can get in touch with each other in the future. Whether it is eating, chatting, karaoke, Party and so on, the more lively the more auspicious, the more lively Yang Qi, the more lively the more evil spirit.

6, sitting north to the south of the house, do not choose to move on the afternoon.

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