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Reducing The Failure Of Water Heater Can Ensure The Safety Of Bathing.

- Sep 06, 2018 -

Teach you a few maintenance tips, not only to reduce the failure of the water heater, but also to ensure the safety of bathing.

First, check the gas supply pipe (rubber hose) regularly, whether there is aging and cracks.

Second, pay attention to regular replacement of rubber hoses, often with soapy water in the hose junction check whether there are bubbles, judge whether leakage, try to stop the leakage.

Third, often use wet cloth to clean the appearance of dirt, dirt, etc., and then wipe dry with dry cloth, dirt can be easily removed by neutral detergent. It is forbidden to wash the surface of the water heater with strong detergent, tin water and gasoline.

Fourth, check the exhaust pipe regularly, keep the flue open and block the flue.

Fifth, in poor water quality areas, in order to reduce pipe scale, after using up the water heater, close the gas valve, open the water outlet valve, let the hot water flow out of the appliance, wait for its cold water to flow out, close the water inlet valve.

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