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Shower Doors Are Becoming More And More Meticulous And More Perfect.

- Sep 02, 2018 -

In the shower door is more and more meticulous and more perfect, such as in the frame part chrome plating, increase the brightness of the surface, so that the product more noble, at the same time, there are different colors, can match the overall color system. And in the shower room glass inside plays the function of strengthening waterproof stain waterproof material, also changed from plastic strip to nylon strip. Nylon strips improve the plastic strip cracking in winter, and its flexibility is better. Push-pull shower door switch is also constantly improving, the latest slideway design is based on a fixed rotating lever principle, 90 degrees to 180 degrees of rotation of the switch door, no longer light to use, but has a heavy texture.

Consumer tips: consumers should pay attention to steam engines and control panels when buying shower rooms with steam function. The core of this steam function is the steam engine, if the steam engine fails, it will not take long to break down. In addition, the computer control panel is also the core part of the shower room. Because all the function keys in the shower room are on the computer board, once the computer board problems, the entire shower room can not be activated, so when buying must ask the steam engine and computer board warranty time.

Shower room because of the moderate price, simple installation, fully functional to cater to many consumers'favorite, but the complex function of consumers in the choice is difficult to grasp, that some multi-functional shower room unavoidable hype, should pay attention to the purchase.

Mesa factory is built on 20000 m2 operated by 120 employees with production capacity of 140.000 units annually.

Mesa is enjoying a network for hundreds of dealers all around World gaining trust of customers, and being well reputed brand in the nation market.  Since then we stepped forward to become number one producer in term of quality and innovated designs which helped us to pave the way to international markets with advanced standards and services.


Website: www.mesashower.com

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