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Shower Room Installation Steps, After Reading You Will Understand!

- Sep 18, 2018 -

Volume size

Before installing the shower room, you should first look at the size of the bathroom, and then design the size and area of the shower room according to the area of the bathroom. After determining the size, install the foundation again and use the black foundation, so it is not easy to dirty.

Two, fixed frame

Once the shower room is in good shape, you can start to punch a fixed frame on the wall.

Three. Screw mounting.

Four. Install tempered glass walls.

After fixing the frame, is to install a 6% toughened glass wall, is up and down with two U-shaped slots clamped glass, clamped in the aluminum alloy frame on it.

Five. Install glass doors.

Install a double-open arc shower door, this is to use the upper and lower two wheels of rail mounted in aluminum alloy frame groove, the left and right sides are equipped with a stop anti-collision beads on it, please see the picture: the two on the right is the suspension wheel, the left is transparent stop anti-collision beads!

Six. Install the handle.

The handle is designed with a corresponding screw hole and is screwed on with a screwdriver.

Seven. Water prevention.

Anti-water shower room in the lower part of the aluminum alloy frame is L-shaped design, the general shower room is U-shaped design, so, usually after the shower on a circle of water, cleaning is troublesome! L-shaped water also flowed away by itself, do not need to clean up, it is lazy design!

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