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Toilet Renovation Should Follow These Reasonable Principles.

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Although the toilet decoration does not need to be like the living room, bedroom as money, energy, also need not be too magnificent, but must be designed reasonably. The space of general bathroom is limited, so we want to place all the sanitary ware, sanitary ware and household appliances in the limited space.

Pipes have upper and lower water pipes, to take into account the two kinds of hot and cold water pipes, but also to take into account the solar energy, washing machine and other electrical appliances underwater water problems, do not wait for finishing decoration found that the washing machine thrown inside no water place.

If your original bathroom wet and dry separation, you also want to consider whether to reserve a faucet in the bathroom, you can leave a wash mop, cleaning toilet faucet, do not worry about trouble, once in place, life is very convenient.

When wrapping risers, the risers must be treated with sound insulation and noise reduction. The risers should be packaged with sound insulation materials such as rubber and plastic plates. Then the risers should be surrounded by light steel keels or light bricks to achieve good noise reduction and moisture-proof effect.

Toilet floor gradient should be considered before laying bricks, according to the national standard gradient can not achieve rapid drainage effect, and if you use deodorant floor leakage or ultra-thin floor leakage will greatly aggravate the difficulty of drainage.

Triangle valve should not be omitted, also can not save a lot of money, if there is a triangle valve, installation of the triangle valve can be found in advance of the copper joint leak, if not installed, then only the last installation of the tap to the copper joint when connecting the pipe can be checked when the installation of the inner leakage, because leak always pressurized It can be tested for a period of time, and it is not safe to install the inside and the faucet at last.

The water vapor in the toilet is relatively large, so we need to pay special attention to the anti-skid and waterproof work in the toilet when decorating.

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