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Zhejiang Mesa Sanitary Co.,ltd

China’s leading manufacturer of shower enclosure and acrylic bathtubs

Mesa Mission

●Our company, which accepts as mission-based basis to provide fast, high quality, accessible services to our customers anytime and anywhere by providing customer-focused solutions, aims to become a world brand international company and to be a leader in its field of activity. To achieve this goal, work not only in China, which engages in world markets.

Mesa principles:

●We determine and reach the goals for being the best for ourselves.

●We are eager to go further.

●We are disciplined, we act quickly and steadily.

We always strive for improvement and perfect quality.

●We fully understand our customers' needs and the challenges they face.

●We systematically develop our personal skills, thus increasing our potential.

●We act efficiently, rationally and quickly.

●We embrace change in order to remain competitive in the future.

Mesa vision

Mesa has adopted the vision of becoming a global company that is among the leading companies in the field in which the company operates and continuously develops with technological innovations, produces quality products that meet the expectations of its customers, provides satisfaction to its customers and employees.


One of our core values and an indispensable part is innovation. It is our value to our customers and our business partners that surround us to produce products, services and solutions that deliver great benefits. We consider it as one of the most important factors that help us to achieve national market leadership and act accordingly.

Creating sustainable value

Creating sustainable value; To be a strong and reliable business partner, to provide real benefits to our customers, to provide excellent opportunities for personal and professional development of our employees, to be a long term business partner for our suppliers and to act ethically and responsibly for the broader society.